A New Breed of Agency

A New Breed of Agency

Having worked in the Firm business for close to two decades, I’ve seen a lot change within the industry. When I started my career in 2000 at a brash New York City firm, cell phones were for talking, Public Relations people were still blasting out media pitches with a fax machine, print outlets dominated the media landscape and Friendster was the emerging social platform. Technology has clearly propelled us into a new world with lightning fast news cycles and an ever-expanding universe of Tech PR, marketing and sales opportunity.

In order to deliver services that align with the evolving needs of clients, PublicHaus brings together the top independent specialists across all spectrums and categories of PR and marketing – all aligned to deliver the goods in the most customized, authentic and goal-focused way possible.

Whether you’re a major consumer brand debuting a new product line; a brick and mortar small business in need of an enhanced digital presence; an expert or executive who wants to make his voice heard on the airwaves and online; a Fortune 500 company seeking to creatively communicate a message through engaging video content; or a startup seeking to grow their audience and drive sales, PublicHaus has you covered.

We believe you can be all things to everyone, but only if you have access to extraordinary, specialized talent and top category experts committed to getting job done and exceeding client expectations. We do and we will.

Thanks for dropping by. Whether you have an immediate need for our services, or not, you’ll be hearing a lot more from us. That’s a promise.

Much love-

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