Experts in Active Lifestyle Marketing

Experts in active lifestyle marketing

With experience spanning several decades in marketing, publicizing, promoting and building brands, Public Haus thrives on helping active lifestyle, outdoors and gear brands think big, stand out and grow fast.

With experience spanning several decades in marketing, publicizing, promoting and building brands, Public Haus thrives on helping clients think big, stand out and grow fast.

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Public Haus specializes in publicity, active lifestyle marketing, branded video content and digital media strategies to help active lifestyle brands expand their awareness, grow their audiences and drive sales. We deliver results that cut through the noise to make real, lasting connections with consumers.

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over 3million + social engagements for Roxy snow/swim collection

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As experts in active lifestyle marketing and influencer campaigns, Public Haus drove massive awareness for client ROXY by sourcing and engaging 50 diverse female snowboarders, skiers, surfers and active lifestyle influencers across four unique campaigns, reaching a total of nearly 3 million women that aligned with ROXY’s key target demographics. With hundreds of unique content assets created – from personal stories connected to the ROXY brand to content showcasing everything from ROXY’s new heated snow jackets to sustainable swimwear, ROXY saw thousands of positive comments roll in from fans indicating interest in purchasing the pieces, generating big waves of visibility in a highly competitive market. The campaigns have been such a success that Public Haus has since become an on-going and valued partner to ROXY on many of its collection launches.

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we create active lifestyle marketing content that connects with customers.

Storytelling isn’t about hammering customers over the head with every product detail in every piece of content you put out. It’s about building an emotional connection with your audience. We believe that’s best accomplished by entertaining, educating and inspiring. We help lifestyle brands elevate their video content by making this deeper connection with customers through a variety of video types – from documentary-style and ambassador profiles to expert how-to and branded lifestyle content. We then help distribute this video content to the right audiences through social channels, YouTube campaigns, media partnerships and more. Our team of production pros can produce the highest quality content just about anywhere in the country – and regardless of budget size.

“When it comes to the storytelling of a lifestyle brand like Kuju Coffee, it’s generally really tough to find a partner that gets it. Public Haus is a public relations agency that definitely understands content creation. Working with them was seamless. They did a great job listening and interpreting our brand and product to produce thoughtful and creative content that captured the essence and lifestyle of Kuju.”
-Justin Wiguna, Co-Founder, Kuju Coffee
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An Active Lifestyle Marketing Agency with a Passion for Making Clients Shine

As an agency passionate about active lifestyle marketing and lifestyle branding strategy, Public Haus believes brand content is more convincing and more engaging when it’s less about the product and more about what it stands for.
The digital universe is littered with content. It’s everywhere – and the majority of it is unwatchable. It’s content for content’s sake. It’s there to take up space and lacks any sort of cohesive message or strategy. Brand content often times falls flat, turns people off and serves no other purpose than to let consumers know the company is still in business.
So how do brands cut through the clutter; deploy content that viewers actually want to watch, share and engage with; convey a brand personality; and maybe even get people to follow, subscribe and buy? It’s not about the “Call 1-800 now!” hard sell. It’s not about the 10-minute-long product overview. And it’s not about the in-your-face call to action.
While there may be a time and place for this type of content, when it comes to content that registers on an emotional level, active lifestyle marketing that educates, inspires and entertains is proven to increase brand loyalty and attract new consumers.
That’s why Public Haus Agency incorporates active lifestyle marketing into the majority of its client campaigns. Lifestyle content is powerful because it captures and communicates the essence of a brand in an aspirational way. As opposed to relying on stuffy, overused, marketing jargon to convey a message, when it comes to active lifestyle marketing, the brand message and values are demonstrated through stories, personalities and imagery that draws the viewer in, making them want more.
Think of some of your favorite brands. What do they stand for? What type of person buys their products? What’s their message and mission? Chances are these brands exude a certain attitude, identity and ethos. They’re not overly promotional. They’re not constantly selling in the conventional sense. And they’re not highlighting every distinct element of a product three times over. They’re producing content that communicates an appealing, aspirational lifestyle.
Outdoor mega-brand YETI is a company that stands out in its category as a leader in active lifestyle marketing. Through aspirational, personality-based content and brilliant storytelling they consistently unveil videos and short films that stimulate interest in the outdoors, even for those who do not define themselves as “outdoorsy.” What started as a cooler brand has evolved into an active lifestyle brand behemoth with apparel and gear that mean something more than the material they’re made of. Through active lifestyle marketing and branded video content focusing on people over product, anyone who views a piece of YETI content immediately gets it. They’re entertained, they’re inspired, they’re educated and maybe even compelled to purchase – regardless where or how YETI’s products are designed and manufactured. Public Haus has incorporated this same approach in its video production and distribution work with iconic fuel brand Chevron and its line of aftermarket fuel additives. Rather than creating content oozing with brand vernacular, we incorporate story-based lifestyle video content into our active lifestyle marketing campaigns, focusing on the brand’s users, their backgrounds, stories, achievements, passions and insights.
Since the company’s launch, Public Haus has introduced clients across automotive, powersports and active lifestyle categories to personality-driven content, documentary-style storytelling and influencer marketing strategies – and the results have been game-changing. Just ask the Global Brand Manager for Chevron Consumer Products, who stated the following:
“Starting from square one lacking online content, Public Haus had us quickly expanding our brand strategy and content library through key influencer additions, branded video content, pinpoint script development and an efficient production team; all within budget. If you are looking for high impact results with a company that can combine focus, experience, distribution proficiency and results, check out Public Haus. Their video content, influencer marketing and PR expertise has transformed our go-to-market strategy.”
As mentioned above, another element to our success is distribution. If your intended audience isn’t seeing the content, you’re wasting time and money, regardless of how amazing your content is. Our distribution strategies often include social channel boosting, which puts more eyeballs from the right audiences on the content, distribution through the media outlets (the media is much more inclined to leverage your video as editorialized content if it’s not a run-of-the-mill commercial spot), and if we’re using an influencer as a subject in our video, we’ll often seek to distribute through their channels as well.
The active lifestyle branding agency team at Public Haus recently created this video for Chevron, telling the story of motorcyclist Adam Sandoval’s world record-breaking ride. Through distribution on Adam’s channels, Chevron’s channels and articles in a variety of media outlets, the company’s fuel additive brand is attracting massive viewership across all if its platforms while building major influence among the motorcycle community. This is just one example of many.
Whether you’re looking to go “all in” on branded content, streamline your current content strategy, or simply looking for greater distribution, our active lifestyle marketing team and branding agency for lifestyle companies can customize a digital marketing strategy that will amplify your lifestyle brands and create loyal, passionate enthusiasts.