An Automotive Advertising Agency That Embraces Storytelling to Drive Client Awareness and Revenue

As an automotive advertising agency passionate about helping clients develop and amplify their message among potential customers, Public Haus believes that marketing and advertising is less about convincing consumers that your product is the best and more about attracting customers through content that demonstrates expertise, personality and value proposition in a way that competitors aren’t. 

Today’s digital universe it littered with ads of every shape, size and format. They’re everywhere, and 90% of them are ineffective.  So how can automotive companies cut through the clutter; attract interest and engagement; convey brand personality; and maybe even get people to follow, subscribe and buy? It’s not about the hard sell, 10-minute-long product overview or aggressive call to action. When it comes to creating ads that resonate, ads that work best aren’t even ads at all, at least in the conventional sense. 

With over a billion videos watched daily on YouTube, it’s hard to deny the fact that brands that invest in video to position and promote themselves are attracting more attention, visibility and influence than those that are not.  As an automotive advertising agency, Public Haus believes video is one of the single most powerful tools for influencing purchasing decisions. Why? Because today’s consumer will actively engage with the right kind of branded video content, especially when it inspires, entertains and educates.  

People know when they’re being sold to, which is why digital storytelling through branded video content is a strategy that more and more companies are embracing.  When working with an automotive advertising agency like Public Haus, clients go through exercises that provide clarity on what type of content, personalities, stories and influencers resonate with their audiences. We then develop an informed story-telling strategy tailored specifically to these channels. 

As an automotive advertising agency that represents global brands and businesses in automotive, automotive aftermarket and powersports, Public Haus helps clients leverage the right assets – both internal and external – to shine a light on unique value propositions through content that registers on an emotional level, which is proven to increase brand loyalty, create real influence and attract new consumers. Brand messages and values are demonstrated through stories, topics and personalities that are authentic, authoritative and interesting.  

Over the past several years, Public Haus has introduced clients like global fuel brand Chevron and others in the automotive and powersports categories to this type of content as part of multi-tiered marketing initiatives – and the results have been phenomenal. Just ask the Global Brand Manager for Chevron Consumer Products, who stated the following: 

“Starting from square one lacking online content, Public Haus had us quickly expanding our content library through key influencer additions, branded video content, pinpoint script development and an efficient production team; all within budget.  If you are looking for high impact results with an automotive advertising agency that can combine focus, experience, distribution proficiency and results, check out Public Haus. Their video content, influencer marketing and PR expertise has transformed our go-to-market strategy.” 

Public Haus Agency’s work begins after the content is created. It’s one thing to be an automotive advertising agency that conceptualizes and produces brand videos, but it’s another to add a layer of guaranteed distribution that attracts as much attention and engagement as possible for the content it develops. There are dozens of ways, if not more, to leverage one single piece of content for maximum exposure among key demographics relevant to your business. 

While YouTube is a behemoth when it comes to attracting eyeballs, credibility and influence for companies that are effectively leveraging content, it’s also a graveyard of inactive brand channels that threw in the towel after posting a video and attracting only a handful of views. What many automotive advertising agency professionals don’t realize is that producing and posting the content is only phase one of what should be a robust content marketing strategy that includes strategic video boosting, sharing across other social channels, distribution through media outlets and leveraging the right influencer channels to promote the content.  

Public Haus recently created this video for Chevron, telling the story of a world record-breaking motorcyclist and his legendary ride. Through distribution on his social channels, Chevron’s channels and articles in a variety of media outlets, the company’s fuel additive brand is attracting massive viewership across all if its platforms while building major influence among the motorcycle community.  This is just one example of many.

Based in Los Angeles, the content capital of the world, Public Haus has introduced clients to personality-driven content, how-to content, documentary-style storytelling and a variety of influencer marketing strategies – and the results have been game changing. Whether you’re looking to streamline your current marketing and advertising activities, accelerate your business through video content marketing or looking for a partner to develop and execute a strategy that generates awareness, influence, and most importantly, revenue, Public Haus is an automotive advertising agency that stands out above all others when it comes to amplifying brands and creating loyal customers.