Even in times of social distancing, people still like tinkering with their cars and many are doing their own oil changes. Automotive influencer marketing agency Public Haus leveraged 10 top auto influencers on YouTube to shine a light on Havoline’s Smart Change motor oil, the most eco-friendly packaged and designed product of its kind. The campaign has resulted in over 10 videos from 8 influencers and more than 1 million impressions, with video views tracking to hit 500k. Online sales for the product have shot way up at Walmart.com too. On the heels of this campaign, Public Haus was named a top digital market agency by DesignRush for its work in the digital content and influencer space in 2020.

Continuing on the success of this initiative, Public Haus recognized the growing importance of automotive influencer marketing to reach a more engaged and targeted audience. By collaborating with influencers who are passionate about automobiles and have a significant following of car enthusiasts, the agency created authentic and relatable content that resonated with the DIY community. These content creators showcased the ease of use and the sustainable aspects of Havoline’s Smart Change, connecting with viewers on a practical level while also tapping into the collective desire for more environmentally responsible products.

In the world of automotive influencer marketing, the agency’s approach went beyond simple product placement. Public Haus crafted a narrative around Havoline’s innovative solutions for modern car maintenance needs. The influencers demonstrated not just the quality of the motor oil, but how it aligns with the values of efficiency, sustainability, and self-reliance — themes that hold significant weight in the automotive community.

As a leader in automotive influencer marketing, Public Haus continues to break new ground by adopting strategies that align closely with current consumer behaviors and market trends. Through their comprehensive campaigns, which seamlessly blend influencer outreach with creative digital content, they are setting new benchmarks for success in automotive influencer marketing. Their tailored approach not only amplifies product visibility but also drives meaningful consumer action, as evidenced by the impressive online sales growth for Havoline’s Smart Change motor oil on Walmart.com.