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Public Haus is excited to announce its partnership with Groove Life, [...]

2023 was a big year at Public Haus. From major media coverage [...]

In a strategic maneuver that has significantly reshaped the landscape of [...]

In the competitive world of smart wallets and personal accessories, Ekster [...]

In an ambitious move to elevate its digital presence and connect [...]

In 2023, O'RTE Single Estate Tequila, crafted in the rich heartlands of [...]

In the heart of Beverly Hills, The Cheese Store has embarked on [...]

In the world of outdoor adventure, innovation is key, and RUX [...]

With an enviable position as the top automotive detailing brand on Amazon [...]

Colin Sapire, the mind behind Nutribullet, spent 2 years developing his latest [...]

Leveraging a keen strategic eye in media relations, Public Haus catapulted [...]

As experts in influencer marketing, Public Haus drove massive awareness for client [...]

Public Haus is thrilled to spotlight our successful partnership with Vallon, a [...]

Public Haus toasts to another incredible campaign introducing artisanal brandy OMAGE [...]

Public Haus recently handled a Beverly Hills public relations campaign for one [...]

Finding and engaging the right influencers for your brand can be [...]

Public Haus Agency was recently featured in LA Weekly for its success [...]

Public Haus Agency welcomes newest team member, Emily Fletcher! A communications [...]

Since launching all PR activities for Beast Blender following its highly-anticipated [...]

Public Haus continues to make major headlines for San Diego-based Knockaround [...]

Even in times of social distancing, people still like tinkering with their [...]

Public Haus Agency has once again elevated the art of storytelling [...]

Public Haus headed to Oklahoma for a Chevron content shoot with [...]

Awesome day hiking to Lizard's Mouth in the Santa Monica mountains [...]

Public Haus Agency is taking a stand against the convoluted language [...]

This past week Public Haus filmed episode 2 of Techron TV, [...]

Marketing pro, outdoor enthusiast and operations extraordinaire Allie Yaldezian brings her [...]

Public Haus recently spent the day on Perris Lake in Southern [...]

Public Haus headed to Johnson Valley, CA - the home of [...]

Public Haus hosted a media event at the 2019 Miami International [...]

Alabaster is a publishing startup redesigning the Bible for the Instagram [...]

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