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Some of our recent food and beverage pr coverage

Michelin Guide

How This Beverly Hills Institution Brings the Cheese to MICHELIN Star Spots

“One of the most popular Los Angeles based purveyors of specialty foods and products to MICHELIN Guide restaurants, The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, is a gem nestled amongst the mainstays in Beverly Hills. Founded in 1967 by Colonel Sigmund Roth and purchased by Norbert Wabnig in 1978—The Cheese Store continues to be a staple of the California community due to the owner’s passion for providing unique and tasty foods… New owner (and longtime employee) Dominick DiBartolomeo ushered in the new era of The Cheese Store’s storied history with the opening of an expansive space at 9705 South Santa Monica Boulevard.”

LA Times

Where to Find the Best Italian Sub Sandwiches in L.A.

“The Macellaia, or the female butcher sandwich from the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, is a carefully curated charcuterie and cheese board on a roll. Ribbons of prosciutto cotto are layered onto slices of finocchiona, beautifully marbled coppa and spicy ventricina. You can taste the fennel in the finocchiona and each of the different meats deliver their own unique wallop of pork. There’s just enough shaved Parmesan to let you know its there. The sandwich is dressed simply with shredded lettuce, good olive oil, vinegar and spices. Everything is piled onto a crusty roll that’s soft and airy in the middle.”

KCRW Good Food

A Little Cheese Store Makes a Big Move in Beverly Hills

For most of its 56 years, the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills has been operated by one man. Sure, Colonel Sigmund Roth opened the venture in 1967, but it was Norbert Wabnig who turned it into a slice of gourmet heaven. Since 1978, Wabnig has been presiding over the small shop on Beverly Dr., offering pairing suggestions for dinner parties and selling charcuterie, crackers, caviar, truffles, wine, sweets, and all manner of fancy foodstuffs. After 45 years, he’s hanging up his cheese knife… Norbert sold the store to his longtime employee and friend, Dominick DiBartolomeo.”

“Public Haus is an awesome food and beverage PR team that’s become part of our Cheese Store family over the past few years. They’ve been producing incredible PR results for the brand as we continue to evolve and they’re always there to lend their expertise wherever needed. They’re truly an invaluable partner.”

– Dom DiBartolomeo, Owner, Cheese Store of Beverly Hills & Domenico’s Foods

Robb Report

11 Outstanding Spirits from Around the World


“Cognac has a very specific geographical indicator, meaning it can only be made in the eponymous region of France. But across the sea in California, Julious Grant and his team are taking cues from a classic and producing this “California Cognac.” The XO expression is aged for at least six years in charred and toasted American- and French-oak barrels and has a complexity on the palate that is as good as any pricey bottle of Hennessy you’ve tried. But this is a different spirit, and proudly so-a premium California brandy that can be enjoyed in an old-fashioned but might be best sipped neat.”

Daily Meal

Absolute Best Tequilas to Try in 2023

“O’RTE Tequila Reposado is a premium, top-shelf tequila that’s hailed for its smooth flavors. Single estate means the agave was harvested from in individual farm, ensuring every bottle offers a consistent, reliable flavor profile. This particular brand is also kept in oak barrels for at least two months but could be up to 12 months, which can be realized in the gorgeous, golden color.”

USA Today

Julious Grant is Redefining the US Spirits Market with Distinctive Flavor Profiles

“With over three decades of C-Suite experience at global spirits powerhouses like Beam Suntory, Bacardi, and Moët Hennessy, Grant’s pedigree is indisputable. But in 2019, he made the entrepreneurial leap, launching Brand House Group. Through his new venture, Grant has artfully blended his vast industry know-how with a deep-rooted passion for artisanal spirits, crafting a meticulously curated portfolio that’s been winning awards, producing stellar reviews from spirits journalists and tantalizing the palates of spirits enthusiasts across the US.”

“Public Haus has an acute understanding of the media landscape. I’ve spent years crafting unique taste profiles that I knew were missing in the marketplace, and through their efforts, setting up private tastings with key members of the media and securing ongoing coverage with top-tier outlets, Public Haus has dramatically expanded the awareness of our world-class spirits portfolio, which has positively impacted our efforts with distributors, retailers and on-premise. I highly recommend their PR and influencer services to any brand looking to scale awareness and credibility with consumers and trade audiences alike.”

– Julious Grant, Founder and President, The Brand House Group


5 Unique Gins to Sip This Summer: AWAYUKI Strawberry Gin

“Many brands have tried — and failed — to capture the sweet and delicate taste of strawberries, but too often the taste comes off as cloying or artificial. That’s not the case with this flavored gin from strawberry-obsessed Japan, a country where it’s common to see boxes of prized pink and white varieties of the berries sold for astronomical prices.”

“Infused with Awayuki, white pearl, and Kotoka berries grown in Japan’s Nara Prefecture, the pure flavors of the aromatic fruit marry beautifully with the juniper and other botanicals.”


10 Best Japanese Whisky Bottles to Drink Right Now: TEITESSA

“Teitessa is relatively new on the scene, and is made at the Fuji Takasago Distillery, also a sake brewery. A Sato still is used for distillation, which according to the brand is a column still shaped like a beehive on the inside that allows for better selection of the head and heart of the spirit. There are various expressions to choose from with an age range that rivals some of the best known scotch brands out there… True, these don’t taste like Japanese single malts, but that’s because they are not–they are, however, interesting and refined sipping whiskies that shouldn’t be dismissed by single malt purists.”


Spirit of the Week: OMAGE XO

“After three decades running the some of the biggest names in the spirits industry, Julious Grant decided it was time to start his own project. While he could’ve gone in any direction, Grant recognized an absence in American brandy, saw the potential of elevating the category, and set out to launch Omage.”

“Of the three expressions we’d argue swooping the XO while you can. Aged for over six years, the XO takes on a nose of dried apricot with tasting notes of jasmine, honeysuckle and oak, developing a rich, all-natural dark caramel color. Very reasonably priced at $90 compared to you’d pay for a French XO.”

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More culinary publicity coverage

LA Weekly

Smögen Appetizers at Vintage Wine + Eats is Blowing the Lid Off the Traditional Bagel

It’s only been six weekends as a pop-up at Vintage Wine + Eats in Studio City and the locals are already lining up on Ventura Boulevard for the fresh and colorful Swedish-style open-faced sandwiches from Smögen Appetizers that are a fish lover’s dream. These San Fernando halves rival any of the hipster bagel joints on the West Side.”

Hollywood Reporter

Where to Eat in Beverly Hills Now

“The city’s go-to for fine cheeses, cured meats, wines and sundry fancy foods since 1967 moved last summer from Beverly Drive to a bountiful 5,000-square-foot location on South Santa Monica Boulevard near Linden Drive. New proprietor Dominick DiBartolomeo, who after 25 years of working for The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills under the previous, has filled the new space with everything loyal patrons have come to expect from this epicurean hub — including charcuterie boards, robust salads and crave-worthy sandwiches — as well as his own Domenico’s line of pastas.”

Eater LA

15 Destinations for Supreme Bagel Satisfaction in Los Angeles

“Smogen Appetizers, a weekends-only pop-up inside Vintage Wine + Eats, prepares some of the Southland’s most stunning sourdough bagels served open-faced. Though the bagel with heirloom tomatoes, cream cheese, olive oil, crushed red pepper, and flaky salt is excellent, the one with hamachi, wasabi cream cheese, shisho and lemon zest might be even better.”

Customized PR and marketing services that help food and beverage brands stand out and scale fast.

At Public Haus, we specialize in delivering PR and marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of our food and beverage clients. We combine creative storytelling, targeted media outreach, and results-driven digital strategies to enhance brand identities, build buzz and drive revenue growth. Whether launching a new product, introducing new menu items or opening a new location, our team goes the extra mile to expand your audience, boost engagement, grow enthusiasm and achieve measurable results to positively impact your business.

Top-tier media coverage

With exceptional media relationships in the food and beverage category, both locally and nationally, we execute highly nuanced PR campaigns that result in valuable top-tier coverage with the country’s top outlets.

High-impact social and influencer campaigns

We provide both social and creator campaigns that influence audiences and drive significant engagement. By harnessing the authenticity and reach of the right food and beverage influencers—from home chefs to restaurant reviewers to influential mixologists—we help brands connect with their audience and experience marked increases in customer engagement. This results in higher conversion rates and improved ROI.

Events and activations

Whether it’s a food brand pop-up, restaurant opening or artisanal spirits brand launch, we specialize in food and beverage events and activations that drive publicity buzz and consumer enthusiasm. Our creative approach ensures that each event not only captures attention but also creates memorable experiences that resonate with attendees long after the event.

Representing LA’s world-class food and beverage culture.

Los Angeles has become a global epicenter for culinary culture, offering a world-class dining experience that reflects its rich multicultural heritage. The city is a melting pot of flavors, with top chefs and innovative eateries showcasing cuisines from around the globe. From the bustling food trucks serving gourmet street food to Michelin-starred restaurants offering exquisite fine dining, LA’s food scene caters to every palate and preference.

Iconic neighborhoods like Downtown LA, Santa Monica and Koreatown are culinary hotspots, each with its unique flair and specialty dishes. Farmers’ markets brimming with fresh, local produce, and artisanal products further enhance the dining experience, emphasizing sustainability and farm-to-table practices.

Los Angeles also hosts numerous food festivals and events, celebrating everything from tacos to wine, providing food enthusiasts with endless opportunities to indulge and explore. Whether you’re seeking traditional flavors or cutting-edge cuisine, LA’s culinary culture promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey that delights and inspires.

Public Haus operates in the heart of this vibrant culinary world. As the go-to agency in Los Angeles for food and beverage brands, we understand the pulse of the city’s dynamic food scene. We are dedicated to supporting your food and beverage PR and marketing needs, helping you navigate and thrive in this competitive market. Let’s discuss how we can elevate your brand, increase your visibility, and connect you with LA’s passionate food lovers.

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