In need of a Los Angeles SEO services to get you top-of-search visibility? As a public relations agency and digital marketing collective, we know how to help brands, startups and entrepreneurs stand out using publicity, SEO and other digital strategies to drive massive awareness and sales.

Becoming visible in your market, your category and your industry takes work. There’s no magic solution to get you major exposure overnight. But when you do get there, everything changes. You’ll have a line of people wanting to work with you or buy your products, you can charge more and you’ll have so much more opportunity because you’re now IN DEMAND.

Here are five quick tips to kick-start your visibility right now and position you as the in-demand, industry leader in your niche.

1. Own a social media platform and go “all in”. There are so many vehicles to distribute content these days, but if you spread yourself thin on all of them you won’t be effective on any of them. That’s why it’s extremely important to own one. I like Instagram because you can also share that exact content on Facebook with the click of a button. You get two outlets for the price of one. 😉 Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, go “all in” on one (preferably the platform your core audience spends the most time on) and own it! You should still be represented on all of these channels, but focus your energies on one.

2. Elevate your brand. Evaluate where you’re at as a brand and make the necessary upgrades to convey a fresh, current and relevant image. This starts with your website, photography and social content. Make sure everything is consistent and that you’re communicating in the same tone, you’re using the same color palette and fonts and your overall aesthetic is reflected on all platforms. Who inspires you? It’s always good to model those who’ve already achieved success. Don’t copy them, but take what’s out there that moves you and elevate your brand to the next level.

3. Make sure you appear in Google searches for you. When people are interested in potentially buying from you, they’re going to research you first. That’s why it’s extremely important that they can find you when they Google you. Showing up on the first page of Google isn’t that hard, unless you share the same name as someone a lot more famous than you. If that’s the case, you need to be sure that when people add a few keywords when searching for you on Google, you show up right away. If your name is Michael Jordan, people aren’t going to find you, but if they type in “Michael Jordan the ventriloquist from Albuquerque” (and that’s you), you should be at the very top of results. Having a website that’s optimized, creating content regularly and having an active LinkedIn page all help land that first page real estate.


Make sure you appear in searches for relevant keywords. Taking the previous tip a step further, people should find you when they search for keywords relevant to you. That’s called search engine optimization (SEO) and it’s extremely powerful. Some SEO companies will charge more money than you’ll want to spend, but Upwork ( is a great resource for low-cost specialized labor all over the world. I use the site to contract out to digital pros for specific projects and I’ve had great experiences. While it’s not absolutely critical to invest in SEO, it’s a worthwhile expense, especially if you’re in a cluttered category. In addition to being a force in public relations and digital marketing, Public Haus offers Los Angeles SEO services that leverages the power of publicity to generate top-of-search rankings for clients. It can be done and we can do it.

Get featured on easy access media outlets. Finally, building credibility and visibility through publicity is critical if you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, expert or coach, because you’ll stand out as an influential and sought after authority in your category. If you’re new to media coverage, start with those smaller blogs or podcasts that are relevant to your industry. They’re a great way to build momentum, practice your message and interviewing skills and generate quick credibility and confidence. Securing public relations opportunities with various media outlets also helps your SEO, too. 😉

Before lining up those Los Angeles SEO services, start implementing these tips and get a jump start on your online visibility.

To your success!