Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles Public Haus

Public Haus Leads Marketing Companies in Los Angeles in Merging Paid and Earned Media Strategies to Help Brands Scale Fast

Marketing companies in Los Angeles are a competitive group. New York may have the largest number of marketing and ad agencies, and is the home to some of the world’s most well known, but Los Angeles is a close second when it comes to award recognition, creative campaigns and client success – especially following the industry’s wide-scale shift from print and broadcast ad formats to digital.

While most marketing companies in Los Angeles focus on either paid media or earned media, hybrid shops like Public Haus specialize in a variety of marketing strategies based on clients’ needs and goals to offer a holistic approach to visibility and brand exposure. That’s why the three-year-old agency is one of the fastest growing in the city, representing Fortune 50 corporations, startups and leading consumer brands in categories including active lifestyle, automotive and powersports, travel, food and beverage, pop culture and kids’ culture.

The agency helps clients skyrocket brand visibility, engagement and sales by leveraging a variety of tactics often times overlooked by other marketing companies in Los Angeles. In addition to generating valuable earned media coverage through an extensive network of top-tier press relationships, Public also provides digital marketing, influencer engagement, video content and social media marketing capabilities from the market’s top professionals and marketing experts.

Agency founder Ryan Croy launched Public Haus in 2017 after serving executive level roles at agencies in both Los Angeles and New York. With close to two decades of PR and marketing leadership experience, he brings together leaders in PR, influencer marketing, content marketing, creative and video production to offer clients a 360-degree approach to brand building with a digital-first philosophy.

Public Haus represents major brands like Chevron, successfully executing the debut of two product launches for the iconic fuel brand over the past two years. Through branded video content production and distribution, earned media, influencer marketing and strategic partnerships, the agency has reshaped the go-to-market strategy for a key segment of the company, energizing the brand among consumer and trade audiences.

Executives at the corporation talked with a number of marketing companies in Los Angeles, ultimately choosing Public Haus to build awareness and inspire product trial among automotive, powersports and marine audiences nationwide. In addition to implementing earned media campaigns, Public Haus produced and distributed documentary and how-to style video content, and secured influencers to generate credibility and engagement among their followers. The results have been game changing. Just ask the company’s Global Brand Manager, who said:

“Starting from square one lacking online content, Public Haus had us quickly expanding our content library through strategic media relations, key influencer additions, branded video content, pinpoint script development and an efficient production team; all within budget. When it comes to marketing companies in Los Angeles that can combine focus, experience, distribution proficiency and results, check out Public Haus. Their video content, influencer marketing and PR expertise has transformed our go-to-market strategy.”

As part of the agency’s digital advertising and content marketing process, Public Haus believes every client marketing initiative should leverage multiple channels to enhance credibility, build real influence and maximize exposure. Public Haus’ focus on distribution is a core reason its advertising, PR and marketing campaigns have been so successful. The company’s distribution strategies typically include comprehensive social campaigns, key media partnerships, influencer marketing and advertorial – all synchronized with a targeted earned media campaign.

Many marketing companies in Los Angeles also lack the press relationships to generate a significant amount of earned media coverage, but Public Haus possesses long-term relationships with major national publications, broadcast outlets and digital properties to help brands stand out while amplifying credibility and influence. In 2019, Public Haus conducted a powerful public relations campaign for a publishing startup that previously launched on Kickstarter with limited visibility.

In researching marketing companies in Los Angeles with expertise in generating extensive media coverage, the startup hired Public Haus. Here’s what the founder had to say about the coverage, which totaled over half a billion impressions in just three months and nearly 10x’d the brand’s revenue:

“Front page of the Washington Post business section,, LA Times, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, (just to name a few) and national TV coverage on Fox Business – all in 3 months. I’ve always heard that working with a ‘PR agency’ doesn’t guarantee any media placement, but dang, Public Haus has proven why they are the top agency of all other marketing companies in Los Angeles for clients looking to build their awareness through media exposure.”

“These media placements helped establish our company as a credible brand, and we’ve seen a great return on our business. All the backlinks from these media placements have helped our SEO. Our average daily sales have grown 5x since working with Public Haus. During the months where we had media placement, our monthly sales grew 6-7x. Distributors and publishers all around the world immediately started contacting us. We’ve seen growth in our social media, and now being invited to speak on podcasts at different events.”

Connect with Public Haus to set up a half-hour strategy call so the team can learn more about your marketing, PR and content needs and goals. When searching for marketing companies in Los Angeles, you’ll find that Public Haus combines big agency experience with a nuanced approach to digital strategy, content and influencer marketing that turns visibility into revenue growth.