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An Outdoor Industry Marketing Agency That Places Brand Storytelling at the Center of Every Campaign

As an outdoor industry marketing agency that helps active lifestyle brands influence, engage and grow through content marketing and PR, Public Haus believes story-telling is the single most effective way to influence buying decisions and build brand loyalists. We believe that marketing is less about convincing consumers that your product is the best, and more about creating an aspirational identity that draws them in through narrative-based content.

Content is flooding our senses everywhere we turn online. Most of it is designed to simply take up space, lacking a compelling message or reason to engage with it. Purposeful, engaging content stands out online because it entertains, influences or educates. It gets viewers to like, comment, follow – and maybe even buy.

This is because most people know when they’re being sold to. When we’re engaging with content that is overtly commercial or pushing a hard sell, without delivering any sort of value, we get turned off and tune out. When working with an outdoor industry marketing agency like Public Haus, we’ll uncover what types of content your target audience proactively seeks out and where they’re spending the majority of their time before developing any sort of content framework or strategy.

As an outdoor industry marketing agency working with major global brands as well as smaller businesses in active lifestyle, automotive, powersports, marine and pop culture, we seek to create video content that sparks an emotional response. Brand message and values are demonstrated through stories, personalities and imagery that draws the viewer in while increasing brand loyalty, creating lasting influence and attracting new consumers.

Think of some of your favorite brands. What stories are they telling? Who are their brand ambassadors? What have they achieved and what do they stand for? Chances are these brands aren’t blatantly selling products; they’re selling a lifestyle. They’re attracting interest and engagement by producing and distributing authentic content that communicates an appealing, attractive and aspirational lifestyle. They’re telling consumers that if you buy our goods and services, you’ll be part of a unique club, you’ll be an insider and you’ll stand for something more.

Some of the top brands in active lifestyle spend significant amounts of money on content because that’s what moves the needle. Through aspirational branded content in the form of lifestyle videos, mini-documentaries, short films featuring brand ambassador and more, some have become their own outdoor industry marketing agency and content studio. Their owned media channels are gateways to a life of adventure, with stories focusing on those we aspire to be. Through branded video content shining a light on people over product, they motivate viewers to further engage – by liking and sharing content, by subscribing, and ultimately, by purchasing.

Public Haus is an outdoor industry marketing agency incorporating this same approach in its content creation for global fuel leader Chevron. As the content strategy, PR and video production team for the company’s fuel additive division, we view ourselves more as storytellers than marketers. By leading our content efforts with story-based lifestyle videos, our focus on the brand’s users, their stories, achievements, passions and expertise has helped the additive gain major influence in a competitive industry while increasing its PR exposure in the process.

Since the company’s launch as an outdoor industry marketing agency here in Los Angeles, Public Haus has introduced active lifestyle clients to personality-driven content, documentary-style storytelling and influencer marketing initiatives – and the results have been stellar. Just ask the Global Brand Manager for Chevron Consumer Products, who stated the following:

“Starting from square one lacking online content, Public Haus had us quickly expanding our content library through key influencer additions, branded video content, pinpoint script development and an efficient production team; all within budget. If you are looking for high impact results with a PR and content marketing agency that can combine focus, experience, distribution proficiency and results, check out Public Haus. Their video content, influencer marketing and PR expertise has transformed our go-to-market strategy.”

While some brands place a premium on content, many neglect distribution. The content gets utilizes once or twice across social or parked on YouTube without any real strategy to get in front of their customers. It’s one thing to be an outdoor industry marketing agency that generates amazing content, but it’s another to make sure the content is being effectively placed and distributed. Our content marketing efforts include social media and search engine marketing, paid distribution through relevant media platforms, YouTube boosting, and if

and if we’re using an influencer in our video, we’ll often distribute the content through the influencer’s or ambassador’s platforms as well.

Public Haus recently created this video for Chevron, telling the story of a motorcycle influencer’s world record-breaking ride. Through distribution on his channels, Chevron’s channels and paid and earned articles in a variety of media outlets, the fuel additive brand has attracted massive viewership across while building major influence among the motorcycle community. This is just one example of many.

Whether you’re looking for a brand content analysis, upgrade or cohesive strategy tailored for your specific market, or simply looking for stronger distribution, Public Haus is an outdoor industry marketing agency and PR company that can customize a strategy that will amplify and grow your brand.