Public Haus is one of the leading PR agencies in Orange County helping brands stand out, build enthusiasm and grow fast.

Discover why Public Haus is recognized throughout Southern California as a top public relations and digital marketing agency for established and emerging consumer brands, retail locations and world-class destinations. With media relationships both regionally and nationally, and experience in helping clients drive awareness and excitement, we specialize in crafting nuanced campaigns that quickly deliver measurable, long-lasting results.

At Public Haus, we work with clients we believe in, ranging from consumer brands and retail to restaurants and local businesses. As one of the leading PR agencies in Orange County and Southern California at large, we leverage our extensive network of media at the national, regional and local level to consistently drive awareness, credibility, and ultimately revenue, for our clients.

Additionally, we expertly match clients with creators who seamlessly fit within the market mix, effectively engaging new audiences, boosting traffic, and enhancing brand awareness and loyalty.

Our digital strategies for Orange County clients are meticulously designed to transform clicks into sales, ensuring a high conversion rate and driving measurable growth through targeted digital marketing techniques.

Our capabilities

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  • Product launches
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  • Reputation and crisis management
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  • Orange County influencer campaigns
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Public Haus cuts through the noise to create impactful campaigns that resonate with your target audience. As a PR firm representing clients in Orange County, our approach is straightforward and results-driven, focusing on generating real value and measurable outcomes for your brand. We leverage our extensive network of media contacts and digital expertise to ensure your story is told in a compelling and authentic way.

Our commitment to excellence and transparency means we focus on what truly matters: your success. Whether it’s through innovative digital marketing techniques, strategic media placements or engaging influencer collaborations, Public Haus is dedicated to driving your brand forward.

No BS. Just results. That’s the Public Haus promise.

A Short Message from a No BS Agency


“Amazing! We have been basking in the sunlight created by these stories and I don’t think we could have wanted much better. We appreciate Public Haus getting the work done and placements executed, resulting in great publicity for our startup. The word is getting out there and we really appreciate the results and the relationship. Our Beast is not shy of publicity due to their amazing assistance with PR.”

– Colin S., Founder, BEAST

Orange County PR services with national impact

While Public Haus is based in LA, we offer a host of PR and marketing services for neighboring regions including Orange County, San Diego and Santa Barbara. With colleagues based in Orange County, we understand the nuances of the Southern California marketplace and have worked extensively on local campaigns that have produced game-changing, long-lasting results. It’s why we’re consistently considered one of Southern California’s top small agencies. No matter the challenge, consider us your PR and marketing secret weapon!

Top-tier media coverage

Whether it’s local Orange County media coverage, press encompassing the surrounding areas, or top-tier national publicity, Public Haus has the relationships and know-how backed by decades of experience to take your brand or business to new heights.

Targeted influencer campaigns

Public Haus uses our proprietary approach to identifying and partnering with the right content creators to impact the public’s perception of and interest in your business. Whether it’s a local Orange County creator campaign or a broader national ambassador initiative, we’ve got your covered to ensure best results and maximum ROI.

Comprehensive digital suite

Our Orange County digital marketing campaigns – from PPC and social media marketing to email and affiliate campaigns – offer a proven pathway to short-term ROI and long-term revenue growth. Whether combined with traditional PR services or not, these are paid strategies that work!

surf life

Client Spotlight

As experts in highly targeted campaigns, Public Haus drove massive awareness for client ROXY by sourcing and engaging a variety of diverse female surfers reaching a total of nearly 3 million women that aligned with ROXY’s key target demographics. With hundreds of unique content assets created (many of which were shot on Orange County’s most famous beaches), ROXY saw thousands of positive comments roll in from fans forming massive waves of visibility and interest. The campaign was such a hit that Public Haus has since become a valued brand partner on several new collection launches.

“Our brand has a very unique DNA so it’s crucial for us to work with likeminded people, supportive of the nature around us and the people within it. The Public Haus team has proved to be a perfect fit: they listen, understand and activate our ideas in an organic and efficient way. Throughout snow and swim collections, they have provided authentic profiles, wonderful individuals that absolutely share the ROXY spirit.”

– Alena J., Global PR, Influencer and Partnership Manager, ROXY

The Orange County PR Opportunity

Orange County presents a unique and thriving opportunity for brands looking to establish a strong presence in a vibrant and diverse market. Known for its stunning coastal cities, bustling urban centers, and affluent communities, Orange County is a hub of innovation and growth. The region’s dynamic mix of industries—from technology and healthcare to entertainment and tourism—creates a fertile ground for businesses to thrive and connect with a wide range of audiences.

Iconic areas such as Newport Beach, Irvine, and Laguna Beach are not only renowned for their beauty but also for their economic vitality. Orange County also boasts a rich cultural scene, with numerous festivals, art shows and community events that attract residents and visitors alike. These events offer prime opportunities for brands to engage with the community, build brand loyalty, and showcase their offerings in unique and memorable ways. Additionally, the region’s emphasis on outdoor living and healthy lifestyles aligns perfectly with brands in these categories.

Public Haus operates at the forefront of this dynamic market. As a leading PR firm representing clients in Orange County, we understand the unique opportunities and challenges that come with this territory. Our team is adept at crafting compelling narratives and strategic campaigns that resonate with the diverse and sophisticated audiences in this region. Whether you’re launching a new product, seeking to increase brand awareness, or looking to engage more deeply with your community, we are here to help you succeed.

We leverage our deep connections with local media, influencers and community leaders to ensure your brand is seen and heard. Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of Orange County’s market, ensuring that your message cuts through the noise and makes a lasting impression. Let us show you how our expertise can help you capitalize on the Orange County PR opportunity, elevate your brand and achieve your business goals.

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