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We help consumer brands across several verticals stand out and grow fast.

Public Haus Agency is a Los Angeles communications agency that generates big results for emerging and established brands.

Our clients say great things about working with us, but our results speak for themselves.

While we work with a variety of awesome brands covering a lot of ground, learn more about our PR, marketing and communications work in specific areas by visiting the below links.

Consumer Lifestyle

We consistently secure PR coverage for a variety of consumer lifestyle brands, ranging from sunglasses to smart wallets to innovative home products. However, our expertise extends beyond media coverage. We excel throughout the entire sales funnel, understanding the nuances of the digital landscape to ensure that initial online engagement leads to actual sales. Our focus is on more than just visibility—it’s about ensuring viability. Click below to learn more how we help brands in the lifestyle category.


With a wealth of expertise in the automotive and aftermarket sectors, we know exactly how to elevate products designed for auto enthusiasts, DIYers, and those passionate about their vehicles. We boast some of the strongest automotive influencer connections in the industry and regularly engage these creators to effectively disseminate our clients’ brands and messages to targeted audiences. Discover how we craft comprehensive multi-channel campaigns for our automotive clients that encompass earned media, branded video content, email marketing, paid strategies, and more.

Active Lifestyle/Outdoors

We work with brands that align with our passions — from health and wellness to innovative products for outdoors enthusiasts. We consistently secure reviews in top-tier media, ensure our clients are prominently featured in all relevant round-ups and gift guides with affiliate links, and engage influencers and ambassadors for impactful content campaigns. Additionally, we deploy a variety of digital strategies, from owned to paid, to achieve steady coverage, enhance engagement, and boost sales.


From hand-crafted spirits and renowned California wines to iconic Los Angeles culinary hotspots, we crafts PR and marketing strategies that significantly boost awareness in the food and beverage sector. Our customized approaches not only enhance visibility but also weave a compelling narrative, leaving a lasting impact and greatly expanding recognition in this diverse field. We serve as the bridge linking spirits enthusiasts and food lovers to their next favorite discovery.

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