In the world of outdoor adventure, innovation is key, and RUX has unlocked a new level of ingenuity with their ultimate gear storage system. The brainchild of seasoned outdoor veterans, RUX was conceived to revolutionize how gear enthusiasts manage and store their equipment. Recognizing that their product had the potential to transcend traditional boundaries and appeal to a vast array of consumers—from overlanders to bikers, busy moms to snow sports fanatics—RUX faced one significant challenge: dedicating time to PR while focusing on product innovation.

Enter Public Haus. Just eight days after RUX entrusted us with their public relations, we celebrated the startup’s first product review, setting a high bar for the journey ahead. Within three months, our relentless campaign was turning heads and accumulating an impressive array of features in some of the most prestigious publications. With strategic placements in WIRED, VICE, Men’s Health, Forbes, People, and Men’s Journal, along with nods in Popular Science and Good Housekeeping, we didn’t just get RUX’s name out there—we made sure it resonated with a diverse, global audience.

Our efforts didn’t stop at securing high-profile coverage. Gear Junkie, Bicycling and The Drive joined the growing list of admirers, adding to a rapidly expanding portfolio of media hits. The result? Nearly 1 billion impressions, a testament to the universal appeal and versatility of RUX’s system and the perfect PR partnership where one plus one equals three.