In a strategic maneuver that has significantly reshaped the landscape of the auto aftermarket industry, Public Haus Agency expertly managed the trade PR for the transformative rebranding of four major players in the automotive supply sector. Collision Services, Auto Body Toolmart, I/D/E/A, and Sid Savage, entities previously recognized for their individual contributions to the industry, have united under a new banner: US Auto Supply. This bold consolidation marked a pivotal chapter in their shared history, aimed at strengthening their market presence and enhancing customer experience.

Central to the rebranding effort was the launch of a newly designed one-stop online platform, a move facilitated by Public Haus Agency‘s methodical PR strategy. This innovative platform not only elevates the shopping experience but also significantly expands the product offering, featuring over 20,000 items across various automotive categories from parts handling and equipment to repair tools, and even customizable marketing materials. Public Haus nuanced storytelling and targeted media outreach played a crucial role in highlighting the convenience and breadth of products now accessible through US Auto Supply.

The impact of Public Haus’s PR campaign is evident in the wide array of placements secured across esteemed publications within the automotive aftermarket industry, including Vehicle Service Pros, AfterMarket News, Body Shop Business, and CollisionWeek, among others. These features have not only served to announce the inception of US Auto Supply but also to spotlight the brand’s commitment to providing current updates on best-sellers, improved delivery options, and competitive pricing. Through strategic planning and execution, Public Haus has effectively positioned US Auto Supply as a frontrunner in the auto aftermarket sector, ready to meet the evolving needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike with its comprehensive and user-friendly platform.