Leveraging a keen strategic eye in media relations, Public Haus catapulted trekking pole brand Diorite Gear into the spotlight following its rebranding from CNOC Outdoors. With a tailored approach that embraced both traditional and digital media landscapes, Public Haus navigated Diorite Gear through a transformative year. The agency secured high-impact placements in prominent outlets such as USA Today, Muscle & Fitness, The Manual, Backpacker and The Trek, among others. This exposure positioned Diorite Gear prominently in the outdoor market, drawing the attention of avid hikers, trekkers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

With each strategic placement, we crafted a story of innovation, quality, and the rebrand’s bold step into the future of trekking gear. The coverage resonated with Diorite Gear’s core audience, earning the brand a newfound reputation as a leader in outdoor equipment. This surge in media presence marked a pivotal chapter for Diorite Gear, elevating its market position.