With an enviable position as the top automotive detailing brand on Amazon and a robust social media following in the millions, Chemical Guys, a titan in the auto care industry, recognized an opportunity in their growth trajectory: a focused public relations effort. They turned to Public Haus to fill this gap and amplify their story. Since our collaboration began in 2020, Public Haus has been instrumental in driving Chemical Guys’ brand narrative, securing over 2.5 billion impressions through 300+ articles and counting.

Our strategy wasn’t just about broadcasting Chemical Guys’ commitment to quality auto detailing products; it was about weaving their brand into the fabric of the automotive culture. We tailored campaigns that showcased their innovative approach to car care, tapping into the passions of auto enthusiasts and the DIY spirit. From product launches to expert commentary in top-tier automotive and lifestyle publications, Public Haus ensured Chemical Guys’ messaging reached new audiences, reinforcing their status as industry trailblazers.

The results? A crescendo of media visibility, affirming Chemical Guys’ place not just on store shelves and online marketplaces, but in the hearts and minds of car lovers everywhere. This strategic PR initiative has become a cornerstone of Chemical Guys’ ascent, crafting a brand presence as polished as the vehicles they help shine. With Public Haus, Chemical Guys has not only detailed cars but detailed their brand’s success story in the media landscape.

Public Haus coverage for Chemical Guys includes ongoing placements with top auto and mainstream publications the likes of CNET, AutoWeek, Forbes, The Drive, BuzzFeed, Popular Mechanics, Car and Driver, Chicago Tribune, Motor1, New York Post, Gear Junkie, Road & Track and many others.