Video Production Agency

Hiring a Content Marketing Agency Vs. Video Production Agency

As a marketing company, video production studio and PR agency all rolled into one, we can make a clear case why brands should invest in content strategy, creation and distribution versus hiring a video production agency that shoots a video and hands it over without any clear game plan for marketing the content  – especially when the brand is seeking wide-scale visibility for its content. 

Most consumer product companies understand that digital video content is critical in today’s market, but when it comes to getting the most ROI from the content, they make missteps. Putting the video content on their website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channel is not a distribution strategy. Public Haus is an agency that often plays the role of a video production agency or content studio, but our work truly begins when the content is ready for mass release.  

Brand content is everywhere. It exists in various formats and lengths – and most of it is unwatchable. It often times lacks a clear message and is void of any sort of compelling narrative.  That’s why before we produce any content for our clients, we get crystal clear on audience, intended impact and goals. These initial discussions extend beyond the role of a traditional video production agency because they not only help us determine what type of content we’ll be developing, but give us a firm understanding of the scope of the campaign and distribution strategy.  

As a content marketing agency working with global brands and businesses in automotive, powersports, outdoors and active lifestyle, among other industries, we aim to create video content that inspires, entertains and educates. This type of content registers on an emotional level and is proven to increase brand loyalty, attract new consumers and create real influencer. Depending on size and scope of the campaign, we deploy our internal creative and technical resources and possibly team with a partner video production agency (or agencies) to product the content. 

Some brands get it more than others. The ones that do use aspirational content and compelling storytelling in their videos and short films to draw people in. They don’t over-sell and instead lean into a “story first” approach to branding. Whether they use a video production agency, work with an agency similar to Public Haus or use internal resources, their results speak volumes. Through branded video content focusing on people over product, they inspire, entertain and motivate consumers to further engage with the brand – by liking and sharing content, by subscribing, and ultimately, by buying their goods. 

Public Haus incorporates this same approach in its content creation for brands like global fuel company Chevron. Rather than producing content rich in brand vernacular, we incorporate story-based lifestyle video content into our marketing campaigns, focusing on the brand’s users, their backgrounds, stories, achievements and passions. 

If a traditional video production agency had been hired to accomplish this, they may have produced more of the same content – overtly commercial and lacking any real substance when it comes to consumer engagement; but after engaging Public Haus, we elevated their approach through a branded content strategy aimed at telling stories and imparting knowledge specifically focusing on their target customers. And the plan is working. Just ask the Global Brand Manager for Chevron Consumer Products, who stated the following: 

“Starting from square one lacking online content, Public Haus had us quickly expanding our content library through key influencer additions, branded video content, pinpoint script development and an efficient production team; all within budget.  If you are looking for high impact results with an agency that can combine focus, experience, distribution proficiency and results, check out Public Haus. Their video content, influencer marketing and PR expertise has transformed our go-to-market strategy.” 

Aside from producing content that’s been profoundly resonating with their audiences, our focus on distribution is a core reason our campaigns have been so successful and a primary differentiator when it comes to what we do vs. what a traditional video production agency does. It’s one thing to produce brand videos, but it’s another to add a layer of guaranteed distribution to all appropriate audiences. Our distribution strategies typically include targeted social channel boosting, distribution of content through the right media outlets (the media is much more inclined to leverage your video as editorialized content if it’s not a run-of-the-mill commercial spot), and if we’re using an influencer as a subject in our video, we’ll often seek to distribute through their channels as well. 

If you’re looking to have a few pieces of video content created for a specific purpose – other than for wide-scale marketing efforts – then hiring a standard video production agency can likely get you your desired result; otherwise, reach out to Public Haus and we’ll make sure that your awareness, influence and impact skyrockets and your content campaign results in increased sales.