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A YouTube Agency That Helps Brands Stand Out on the World’s Second Largest Search Engine

As a YouTube agency passionate about helping brands define, distribute and amplify their message on the second largest global search engine behind Google, Public Haus believes that video content marketing is the single most powerful way to influence buying decisions. When leveraged effectively, through content that’s created for and distributed to your target audiences, there’s no better channel to influence and engage. 

Branded content is everywhere. The digital ecosystem is littered with it. Much of it exists in written form on brand blogs that are infrequently read and even less frequently shared. There’s a reason why more and more brands are shifting to video to tell their stories and sell their products and services. Video attracts attention, engages viewers and drives more traffic to website than written content. 

The problem with this shift is that the vast majority of the branded content is dull and forgettable. It’s content for content’s sake and lacks any sort of cohesive message or strategy. As a YouTube agency at the intersection of production and distribution, we advise clients that investing in the creation of content is the first step in a multi-tiered process that requires a targeted placement strategy; however, the content must resonate in order for it to influence. 

People know when they’re being sold to.  When they view content that beats them over the head with brand messaging from a hired spokesperson using slick marketing jargon, you can expect lackluster engagement, negative feedback and fast tune outs. When working with a YouTube agency like Public Haus, we’ll get to the core of what type of content, personalities, stories and influencers best resonate with your audience, and then develop a story-telling framework that leverages those elements to add credibility and impact to your message. 

As a YouTube agency working with global brands and smaller businesses in automotive, pop culture, active lifestyle and kids culture, among other categories, we focus on content that inspires, educates and entertains. This type of content registers on an emotional level and is proven to increase brand loyalty, generate influence and attract new customers. The brand message and values are demonstrated through stories, personalities and imagery that draws the viewer in, keeps their attention and makes them want more.  

Think of some of your favorite brands. What do they stand for? What’s their message? Who’s their customer? What’s their tone and style? Chances are these brands are not overly promotional. They’re not constantly selling. And they’re not highlighting specific brand attributes in every piece of content.  

Active lifestyle brands like Patagonia are prime examples of lifestyle marketers that get it. Through aspirational content and compelling storytelling they consistently unveil videos and short films that attract viewers. Acting as their own content studio and YouTube agency, Patagonia inspires, entertains and motivates consumers to further engage with the brand – by liking and sharing content, by subscribing, and ultimately, by purchasing.  

Public Haus incorporates this same approach in its content creation for brands like global fuel company Chevron. Rather than producing content rich in brand vernacular, we incorporate story-based lifestyle video content into our active lifestyle marketing campaigns, focusing on the brand’s users, their backgrounds, stories, achievements, passions and insights. 

Since Public Haus launched in 2017 as a Los Angeles-based YouTube agency, we’ve introduced numerous clients to personality-driven content, documentary-style storytelling and influencer marketing strategies – and the results have been game changing. Just ask the Global Brand Manager for Chevron Consumer Products, who stated the following: 

“Starting from square one lacking online content, Public Haus had us quickly expanding our content library through key influencer additions, branded video content, pinpoint script development and an efficient production team; all within budget.  If you are looking for high impact results with a YouTube agency that can combine focus, experience, distribution proficiency and results, check out Public Haus. Their video content, influencer marketing and PR expertise has transformed our go-to-market strategy.” 

 Aside from creating quality content, our focus on distribution is a core reason our client campaigns have been so successful. It’s one thing to be a YouTube agency that conceptualizes and produces brand videos, but it’s another to add a layer of guaranteed distribution to the right audiences. Our distribution strategies often include targeted social channel boosting, distribution of content through the right media outlets (the media is much more inclined to leverage your video as editorialized content if it’s not produced as a run-of-the-mill commercial spot), and if we’re using an influencer as a subject in our video, we’ll often seek to distribute through their channels as well. 

Public Haus recently created this video for Chevron, telling the story of a top motorcyclist’s world record-breaking ride. Through distribution on the influencer’s channels, Chevron’s channels and articles in a variety of media outlets, the company’s fuel additive brand is attracting massive viewership across all if its platforms while building major influence among the motorcycle community. This is just one example of many.

Whether you’re looking to go “all in” on branded content, streamline your current content strategy, or simply looking for greater distribution, Public Haus is a YouTube agency and influencer marketing company that can customize a strategy that will amplify your brand and create loyal, passionate enthusiasts.